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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hubby's New Quilt

Now that the quilt show is done, I let Wayne have his new quilt.  Put it on the bed today.  Looks great.  One problem, soon to be resolved.  I have to make a matching table cloth for the side table next to bed.  The one there now is a match to previous quilt.

You might remember this one, 4 Patch Mint Chip, previously blogged from beginning to end.

Also going to get new curtains.  Been way too long since I did anything new in the bedroom.

FYI, if you think quilters don't make mistakes or change their minds while doing your quilts, you are wrong.

I started a new one for customer, did 4 rows before I decided I just didn't like the pattern I was using.  So spent the last 10 hours removing(carefully) the stitching.  Believe me when I say, once a quilt is put together, it is never coming apart.  If you ever had to remove stitching you would know what I'm talking about.  I should have stopped after first row, but thought it would look better with a few more rows.  I was mistaken, I just didn't like the way it looked.  I'm sure the customer would have been OK with it, but if I'm not happy with the pattern, I don't think the customer will be either.  Much prefer doing the extra work to get it right than to pass along with a so so stitching.

Today wont be the day to quilt.  Babysitting little Tavyn again.  He is now watching the Princess and the Frog, so will be occupied for a short time.

I'm also expecting Kelli, friend from Ft Wayne. She is coming for a second lesson on how to attach binding. She and her husband Bill came yesterday morning, and we went for breakfast.  Then came home for a lesson, but we ran out of time before they had to leave for a school soccer meet in Milwaukee.  She now knows how to attach binding to front by machine, today learning the hidden hand stitch.

This is going to be one busy day.

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