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Friday, November 1, 2013

A Few Show And Tells

Soon it will be my birthday and my turn to receive my birthday blocks:

Some have already arrived and I love them - it is such fun to get quilt blocks in the mail and in 2 cases in person.

Love all of my BB's

Another set came yesterday but I'm waiting to take a picture, when I try taking pictures under the lights when its dark they don't turn out as well as with daylight coming in.

Been working on customer quilts as well - and this T-shirt quilt is the best one I have ever seen.

Sorry you other t-shirt makers but this is so striking I have to say, and to mention this is her very first quilt she has ever made.  Awesome job!!!!

Now to update you on the rest of whats happening here.

Wayne has been in the hospital - taken by ambulance - Sunday night - he is in heart failure, and kidneys are also serious trouble.

He was and still is filled with fluids, because his heart doesn't work properly and cant breath on his own.  They have inti bated him and will try to ween him off.  He has had 2 heart cat procedures  in the past 72 hours, but opening of a blockage has not helped.  He has only 20 percent use of his heart now and doctor told us if he recovers its all up to him.  They are doing all they can but there is nothing more to do except continue with medications they have been using to take off the fluids and to try and keep his heart beating at regular heart beat.

This has not stopped me (other than time wise) to continue my sewing and quilting.  For me sewing and quilting is relaxing and helps me to not think about serious matters.

I will be going to hosp again today, the family and I have put in many long hours there, sitting and talking to Wayne.  He is sedated but knows when we talk to him as he will do eye movements and occasionally will touch our hand with his,  Im sorry to end this blog on such an unhappy note, and I will let you know how it all turns out.

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