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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tavyn and The Koi

Finally our little guy Tavyn got to see us and the Koi Pond. Unfortunately it was really really cold yesterday so the Koi were not too active.

He did enjoy them for a short amount of time.  Too cold to stay outside for too long.

Remember way back when, Ky made her Sewing Machine Carrying Bag and I could not get the pictures to upload. Finally got it figured out so here she is with her bag

Although it was cold yesterday still enjoyed seeing little guy and our daughter Stacy.  Bonus:  Brittany our granddaughter (Tavyn's) mom and DJ her boyfriend came over.  First time she has been here since we moved.  Loving the new place!  If and a big If the weather permits, she has volunteered to come today and help with weeding.  So far its not looking like that is going to happen.

Still looking like rain and cooler out than planned.

I do have a quilt for customer I'm doing this morning.  Almost finished, but Wayne fixed breakfast for us hours ago and I have been sitting on my behind working on the computer and catching up with emails, and my friends on Connected Threadz.

Time to stop playing around and get back to quilting.

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