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Friday, April 6, 2012

Darn It!

As you probably know or in case you don't, I do "free motion" quilting 99% of the time and really enjoy the process..

Today I am doing one of my own quilt tops and am broadening my craft by using a panto.

Its called Antique Lace by Patricia Ritter of Urban Elementz.

I have done other pantos in the past and for the most part they are no problem.  This is no exception, quite simple to do once I felt comfortable with the design and working off the back of the quilt, following the laser light.

Sounds like everything is going well doesn't it.   WRONG, I made a rookie mistake.  Should know better but I was so into the panto I didn't bother to check the back of the quilt to see how stitches were.  I checked the front every time I had to roll the quilt, but not once did I check the back after the first few rows.

Big, Big mistake.  After a bobbin change the tension went wacky and now I'm in the process of unsewing 3 and half rows.  For the most part it really wasn't that noticeable, one of the reasons I didn't catch it any time too soon.  I did glance at the back a few times but didn't look very closely.  Again, Big Mistake.  Final row told it all loops and lashes running all over the place.  Started to unsew the last row and that's when I noticed the other rows have tension problems here and there.  Wasn't even consistent, but there is now way I can take out a portion of a row here and there and make everything line up.  Spent the better part of this afternoon undoing a good part of what I did this morning. GRRRRRRR

Here is a sneak peek, the beginning:

Once I get back to the actual quilting of this, I'm pretty sure I'm going to love it.

Been putting off quilting this one, had ordered special King Tut thread that I thought would look good, but once it arrived and I laid it on the quilt I knew I couldn't use the thread, so instead I went with solid black.

The new KT thread is beautiful and I'm sure I will find a use for it.

Just too much color when it hits the black portions of this quilt.  If I was more comfortable doing the panto I might have gone ahead and used it, but knowing I'm still pretty new with pantos I thought if I didn't follow the quilt design exactly or my stitches were too rigid and stiff,  it might be too obvious, the black seems to blend even in the bright colored parts of the quilt.

There are 4 more of my own quilt tops ready to be quilted. Already thinking about the next panto I will be using.  A kind and good friend sent me a box full of pantos which I'm thrilled to have all these choices and plan on putting them to good use.  Thanks again PR.

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