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Monday, April 30, 2012

1 or 2 Wheel Chair Quilts

Very productive day today.

Free motion bubbles
Making a few wheel chair quilts for Edgerton LT patients, just finished quilting and binding this one this afternoon.

While gone this morning running errands the Crane came back I'm sure, because the pot with water lilies was turned over again.  We can only see 2 of the KOI.

Wayne and I found some fence wire and put a cover over the pond, now lets see that nasty bird come back. Hope it gets its feet caught in the wire and we can shoot the son of a gun.  I don't like killing any animal or bird but when they mess with my KOI I figure they are fair game. Hey they asked for it, not me.

It isn't pretty looking (the fencing) but if it save the fish its worth it.  I'm going to surround the outer edges with rocks in hopes to make it safer and look better. For today it will have to do.

This will also keep the ducks out of the pond. Not to mention, the KOI might not try to escape again.  Wayne said one was out again this morning when I was gone.  He put it back in.  Now I'm thinking they aren't jumping out but the Crane maybe picked it out of the pond and it was too big to swallow and dropped it.  Who Knows!!!!!!!

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Kay Lynne said...

I really like the quilting design!