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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Badger Tshirt Quilt

Been so busy forgot to show you the other Tshirt quilt I did for Kelli.  Actually this is a quilt done by a friend of hers, but she sent it along with the other one.

This one was a breeze to do.

Kelli and her husband Bill came today to pick the quilts up and I fixed lunch for all of us.  Grilled hamburgers, tuna macaroni salad, my pickles, nothing special just good.

My first BBQ with company in our new house.  Love to entertain, and today was special, weather was for the most part perfect.  Decorated the table with my new place mats I had made a few weeks past and the yard is looking pretty good.

Enjoyable meal and even more enjoyable company.  Today was just one of those perfect days.

Tomorrow as everyone knows is Easter, and if the weather permits, we will be outside again.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

Happy Easter Every One!

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