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Sunday, April 8, 2012

French Braid Quilted

After several hours of unsewing the last 3 rows of the my French Braid Quilt, I finished it yesterday morning.

Sewed the binding on this morning and will do the hand sewing later tonight after all the Easter Celebrating is done.

I wanted you to see the quilting on this. Used a panto  "Antique Lace" by Patricia Ritter. it took me a while to become comfortable doing this, but I think I'm getting the hang of it.  Not perfect (to me anyway) but looks nice.  Wasn't sure I liked it or not, but after walking away from it for a few hours I have come to like it.

My plan is to do more Pantos on a few more of my own quilts.  Want to become more familiar with the technique of pantos, so I can then offer these designs to my customers.

I have not given up on free motion, I will still be doing that when I feel a quilt calls for it or a customer asks for free motion designs or if I just darn well feel like it.

When I first purchased my Tin Lizzie, I paid for lessons to learn as much as I could about longarm quilting, including Pantos.  The woman that taught me had me going from right to left while doing a panto.

Naturally I thought that was the normal way to do them.  After all the unsewing and sewing a row back on, I got to thinking.  There has got to be a better way.  Hard to explain, but by working  from right to left, was awkward and had to keep stopping to put myself in the right position to see the panto as the machine would eventually cover up the paper design and I couldn't move my feet while sewing at the same time and stay on the lines with the laser..  Like I said hard to explain.  The last 2 rows I decided to go from left to right, a more natural way of moving, and I was able to move my feet smoothly and keep on line with the laser. Also, the machine was moving away from the panto and not over it while sewing, giving me the visual I needed to follow the lines.. Again, a more natural way of doing it.

Managed to get a couple of hours of sewing in this morning, but now its time to get ready for company and Easter Dinner.

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