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Friday, August 20, 2010

T-Shirt quilt

I finished sewing of the t-shirt quilt. It turned out great, not able to quilt it yet.  Wasn't sure what size it was going to be so, did not purchase the backing yet.  Will be doing so tomorrow, along with more batting.  Wait until you see it.  Really did a good job and added a little extra touch to it.

I'm ready to quilt this quilt and the other quilt I told you about.  The one with all the vibrant colors.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be the day of quilting, pending any interruptions.

I worked on t-shirt until noon today.    Took a break and spent time on net looking for unusual materials. 

I'm getting into this vibrant modern look.

Just for kicks, went on Etsy to see what quilts are selling for.  You wouldn't believe some of the prices listed.  A couple of quilts are listed for $10,000.00.  And to look at them, cant see how they could possibly be worth this amount of money.  If that's the case, I should be selling my quilts for at least this much.  Nothing special to merit this kind of asking price.  Unless I'm missing something, there is no way seller should be asking these prices.  I will watch Etsy to see if and when these quilts get sold.  If they do, I'm going to start selling every quilt I own. Just kidding, would feel so guilty asking that kind of price for any quilt, unless it was made of gold or an antique, vintage, well preserved quilt.

If anyone knows the reason for these asking prices, I would love to hear from you with an explanation.

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