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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Getting Geared Up

The push is on.  Several projects in the works for my booth at the Edgerton Quilt Show Oct 23rd.
Pansy Star

Been finishing customers orders, have a few to do and then I will be finishing my own that I have been working on.  More ideas in my head for the show and to sell.

Falling Leaves
I have opened my Etsy account and have only 2 quilts so far.  This morning I finished the sewing of a quilt top that will go up for sale on Etsy, and if it isn't sold by the time of show, will have in my booth for display along with a few more that I have  completed and more I will be sewing.

These are some of the quilts that will be in booth and one in the show.  Haven't decided which one to use as the show quilt yet, but think its going to be the Falling Leaves. 

Batik 4 patch

Double Irish Star
Baby quilt
Need a few more before show, but I'm working on them and sure I will be ready by October'

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