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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Quilting, Dyeing and Fun

My days are anything but boring as most of you already know.  But then again maybe the stuff I do is boring to other people - I really don't know.

For me, I find my life and days are filled with either my quilting, or so many other projects, and family and friends.

Some days are just more filled than others.

I loaded this quilt the other day but didn't finish until this morning.

I never ever want to work on a quilt when I'm tired, so to do the best job I waited until this morning to finish.

The other day I hosted a girls luncheon with the girls from my High School Class (not all of them but some)

We had a really nice time and I was thrilled to have them come here.  Usually I cant make it to the luncheons because I'm either babysitting Gus or have some other pressing matters to attend to.  Lets keep fingers crossed I can make the one in September.

As you can see the flowers are fading fast for this year.  Still have some color but not nearly as much as a month ago.

After lunch I took a nap, yes a nap.  Totally unplanned, so the rest of the day was a bust for sewing I did manage to do some hand embroidery watching the Packer game.

The other day I brewed up some dye from goldenrod and yesterday while Gus was napping I wrapped a silk scarf with leaves and cooked it in the dye.  Let it sit all day in the brew, now it is out of the dye pot and sitting and waiting (patiently) to be unwrapped tomorrow.

I'm not giving into temptation to unwrap too soon.  I learned my lesson, I think. 

Fingers crossed this turns out as good as I hope it will.  Its a practice practice practice learning experience.

Looks pretty silly on the plate doesn't it.  I'm not leaving it there, just took the picture on the plate, its actually sitting in a used cottage cheese container.  Without the cottage cheese of course.

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