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Monday, February 27, 2012


Putting my nose to the grindstone, finally completed "Gems" my newest design.  I had originally planned on calling this Gemstones, but decided to shorten it to just Gems.  No matter what the name, I'm happy with the results.

 This small lap quilt took longer than planned. My fault, I got distracted with other projects, which has been happening quite frequently lately.

I start a project, and all of a sudden I get a brain storm which takes me away from one project, just to start another.  FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS Jean!

Loaded on LA frame this morning and couldn't decide how to quilt this. Finally decided on all over feathers.  Not only does it look good, but it gave me a chance to practice feathers again.  Getting more comfortable each time I stitch feathers.

Now comes the hard part, typing up the pattern instructions.  I really enjoy coming up with new quilt patterns, but I really dislike writing the instructions. Im always so concerned I dont have the correct yardage or cutting instructions.  Even though I take notes when working the pattern I still have to go over and over the yardage and assembly process and then put into clear and understandable language before sending it off to Sandi, the amazing woman that produces my patterns in a legible format......  Thank You Sandi for making my patterns look so good and easy to understand.

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Sandi - Piecemeal Quilts said...

I love turning your fabulous (surprisingly easy) quilts into patterns. Thank for for letting me help!