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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pretty Spring Bouquet

Couldn't resist picking some flowers from my yard. Some of the tulips are almost done and yet others are just starting to bloom.
Isnt this the pretties tulip

Seeing as how these yellow tulips are almost done, thought I would bring some into the house and enjoy along with lilacs and apple blossoms.

How lovely it is to have a variety of flowers to choose from and enjoy both inside and outside.  Thanks Diane for being such a flower "nut".

Big plans to work outside again today, but first a few final housework chores, and then lunch, take Belle to vet for shots, and if weather holds off, then its time to play outside.

Helped Wayne with the mowing again yesterday.  Who would have thought I would enjoy yard work and especially mowing the lawn.  All these years he made it sound like he was working when he mowed.  LOL, heck its rather enjoying and relaxing.  Of course I do leave the hard parts for him, as it should be.


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