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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Only One Day Behind

Poor Kylee, she really wanted Gma to finish quilting her project Sunday, but it just wasn't going to happen.

I did manage to finish early Monday morning.

She did a special wall hanging for an upcoming school event.  She is representing Betsy Ross and chose to decorate her booth with a Betsy Ross Flag.  The only help I gave her was measurements and showing her how to make star appliques.  She did it all on her own.

I dont know if they get graded on their booth design, but if they do she better get an A on this.

Yesterday was a run around day with Wayne including a trip to Sam's Club where we spent mega $$$$$$$ on groceries. Have stocked up enough for 2 maybe close to 3 months on meats and veggies, and household necessities.  The cost at local grocery stores is breaking us.  I hear all the time, oh you should shop at Woodman's and even Walmart. Not me Ive done that before, cant stand shopping either of those stores unless its absolutely necessary. Not impressed at all with meat departments.

Besides that I am pretty knowledgeable about the cost of items and there isn't much at Woodman's and Walmart that I cant bargain shop at local store. In fact the last time I did venture to Woodman's, I came home and figured out I saved myself a whole $10.00 shopping there.  Not enough to make it worth my while to walk the miles and miles it takes to get through that store, not to mention the long lines you have to suffer through at the check out counters.

 I am  bargain shopper and even watching every ad and all my pennies, for two, people its ridiculous what we spend on food.  How in the world do young people with children afford to feed a family? Although I do remember those days too and I always complained about prices even then.

It took 3 hours to repackage the meats using my food saver vacuum sealer, hoping we have found a solution to our monthly food budget.  Time will tell.  I'm going to be tracking the additional $$$ spent during the month on the items like milk, bread etc that a person always has to buy throughout the month.

I remember the days shopping with my mom when I was young.  She must have liked shopping more than me, because she would actually go to 3 different stores for the bargains.  With 4 children she had the same problem everyone did and does, budget, budget, budget.  If I did that now I would spend more on gas than I would save in "shopping around".

We lived just outside of Edgerton, and she shopped at A & P for some items, Kroger store for others and the local meat market.  It was an all day experience and some really fond memories. We didn't have much money, which I did not even realize until I got older, but I do remember I enjoyed going with her, and we always got a candy bar for "helping".

Sorry this blog turned into somewhat of a soap box and a small walk down memory lane.

Time to get myself going.  Sewing done for today, and now its time to eat breakfast and go out and "you know what" WEEEEEDSSSSSS  They are gaining on me again.

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Kay Lynne said...

The flag looks great! I find it hard to stay in budget for groceries to.