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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kelli's Ladies Shirt Quilt

This is a very interesting quilt.  Ladies shirts, blouses, ?jammies? sweat shirts a combination of many fabrics and textures.  Which results in a very challenging quilt. Not complaining though, I love a good challenge.

After loading and looking at all the different blocks and textures, I had but one choice. Treat each block individually and customize.

There was no other way, had to avoid appliques, embroidery and most of all the buttons and beads.  If my needle hit one of those, it would break instantly and we would be in big trouble.

I had a great deal of trouble when I hit the seams, they were quite bulky in some areas and my needle would not go over some portions, which resulted in some excess bulk in places, but overall I think turned out well.

I especially like the echoing around the appliques and embroidery squares.

Now I have another one to load for same customer. "Kelli" is picking these up this weekend

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