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Monday, April 2, 2012


The 3rd wildlife quilt for Rose - Bears

These quilts are very pretty and some young men will love them I'm sure.

Rose told me she was really tired of doing the same pattern over and over, and maybe now she can move on to  something else.

Hope she chooses to do one of my patterns, she now has 3.  I am still giving a free pattern with each top that is brought to me to be quilted.

Back to the yard!!!!!  We are making some headway, transplanted some plants from the front yard to the back yard and turning one of the smaller beds into Grass!.

Other beds are getting cleaner and less weeds than before, but still some to go.

Diane told me what these pretty Purple (not blue as in picture) flowers were and of course I forgot.  If I don't write it down as soon as she tells me I forget, because she points out another flower and names it and then I'm lost.

I looked them up and they are Grape Hyacinth. Pretty little flowers.  While weeding another part of a bed found even more of these delicate little flowers, they were buried under Creeping Charlie, and I pulled some by mistake, but I replanted them asap and hopefully they will make it.  It was just a couple, but don't want to lose any of them. So cute and pretty!

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