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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Double Bubble

No I'm not drinking.  Too early in the day for that.  Not to say maybe later I could use  a glass of wine or maybe a beer depending on how much work I do outside today.

Double Bubble is the name of the new panto I used on this customer's quilt.  Double Bubble is a panto designed by Patricia Ritter of Urban Elementz.

I'm loving this panto and I'm thinking this may become one of my favorites.

As I had told you previously, I am expanding my quilting by doing more pantos instead of always doing my free motion quilting.

Some quilts will still call for free motion, and I love doing FM, but some quilts might need more design and that's where the pantos come in.

There was less struggling this time while quilting with this panto.  It has helped greatly by changing my direction of quilting.  While doing FM I always worked from left to right with ease.  Now I am also working from left to right while doing a panto.  Its a more natural movement and I dont tense up nearly as much as I did when working from right to left.

Now that the quilting is done for today, time to get dressed and start thinking about going out to the yard.

FYI the orange fish, now named Willy as in Free Willy, after trying to escape, is doing fine. Swimming and eating as uusual.

I did some reading up on Koi and why they would jump out of the pond.  There are several reasons, one, they might actually be trying to catch a bug on top of the pond and they jump to get it. Two, just playing around and jumped out by mistake.  Three, pregnant and stressed which can make them jump out of the pond. There are more reasons but the list goes on. Check it out "google" Koi and why they jump out of ponds. There are several sites to look at.

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