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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lexi Grace Romack

Welcome Lexi Grace Romack dob 10/5/10 7lbs 14oz 20.5"

She is so cute, and its not just because I'm grandma.  She really is a pretty baby.  When we arrived at hosp, one of the staff was taking pictures of her and the rest of her family.  We were told she was fussy all afternoon and it took 2 hours to get good pics of her.  However, once grandma got her hands on her she quited right down, settled in and enjoyed grandma talking to her and fussing over her.  No crying at all when grandma had her.  Hmmmm, I still got the touch.

More pics of the rest of her family:

Grandpa, Luke and Emma

Grandpa, Luke, Emma and Brooklynn

Daddy changing Lexi

In about a week or so, going to take trip to her house with Aunt Dee Dee to visit her again.

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