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Sunday, September 4, 2011

No Its Not Friday

Ky is back to school so we don't do sewing with Kylee Friday anymore.

That doesn't stop us for sewing Saturday though.

First thing this morning, went to Joann's to purchase backing and batting for her quilt.  Dee Dee bought her batting for her and she had enough money for the backing AND fabric for a wall hanging she is making for her sister for Xmas present.

Dee Dee took us to lunch then off to Loose Threads for fabric needed to work on yet another quilt pattern.

Ky had enough money left to buy buttons for 2 totes she has made.

Off we go to Dee Dee's she offered to give us material we might want from her stash.  Wow, we cleaned up. 2 and 1/2bags of fabrics and we are happy sewers.

Back home Ky wanted to sew for a while and work on her sisters present.  She finished the sewing:

She tells me her sister loves zebra prints and especially pink zebra.  This is wild, and actually we tamed it down.  She wanted to add Lime green zebra print as border but I convinced her to stick with the pink.  She is glad she did.    Dee Dee is going to embroider her sisters name on it along with a Unicorn if she can find one to download to her new embroidery machine.

I am exhausted.  Sitting here with feet up, catching up on emails and chats.  Aahh its good to be home and resting.

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