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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Patriotic Stars Quilt

Vicki is at it again!!!!!!

She made this quilt for her sister-in-law who just made Colonel in the Air Force Reserves.  Good Job.

pledge of allegiance

She chose the Stars and Swirls pattern, good choice.

I have many fine quilt customers, but I always enjoy doing one of Vicki's.  She does such a great job picking her patterns, and fabrics. She also does an excellent job sewing her quilts together and most importantly, squaring them up.  When she brings me a quilt I know it is machine ready.  I don't have to repress top or backing, clean up threads or worry about squaring up. 

Vicki brought me another quilt to do, but need just the right color thread, so taking a trip to quilters store tomorrow.

FYI, I finished the main top of one of my UFOs.  Buggy Barn.  So very glad this is put together, but still need to put on borders before it is finished.   First I have to purchase the fabric.  I rarely buy the fabric for borders at the same time I buy the fabric for the main quilt.  For what ever reason, I like to do the top first and then decide on borders after I see how the rest of the quilt looks.  I have been caught off guard doing this sometimes, as the fabric I decide on, might not be available again by the time I am ready for borders.  Thats just the chance I take in waiting.  Guess I will just have to take trip to the quilt shop too, or checking on line to see if I can find fabric for less $.

Like I said, things are back to normal.

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