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Monday, October 11, 2010

Table Runner

Had a fun day with Tavyn yesterday.  Rested for a while (whew) that kid can wear you out. 

After relaxing for a few hours, I then finished the hand sewing on the table runner:

 I used the pattern from Pieces From My Heart, Trees Up, but I didn't do pieces, I appliqued the tipsy tree pieces to a full piece background.  Looks really neat.  I like using sparkles and materials with shinny gold threads running through them. 

I hope to make more of these and place mats using same pattern and then will try selling them at the Edgerton Quilt show Oct 23rd from my booth at the show.  I am also adding table runner to my and shops.

Visit my on line shops sometime., seller id jeanro1

Time is running out, and I have 3 quilts to do for customers before the show. 

Would rather be busy than sitting around waiting for things to happen, so I'm not complaining about the work, just mentioning it.

Very hopeful the quilt show will boost my business and I get more customers from this show.

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