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Monday, August 22, 2011

Family Fish Boil 2011

Saturday Dee Dee and Dick hosted the annual fish boil. I have been trying to upload pictures from face book to this, but so far cant figure out how to do it.  I did not take the pictures, so cant just load to my computer and upload to blog as I normally would.  I will say it was a great time, and wonderful delicious food, as usual.  We look forward to this each and every year.  I a big thank you to Dick and Dee Dee for doing this for the family.

Now I have locked up part of my computer programs trying to upload to this blog.  That's what I get for thinking I know so much about computers. Ha.

In the meantime, update on KY.  She was over Friday as usual and Saturday and we worked somewhat on her quilt.  She is procrastinating now.  She likes doing the individual blocks, but no so much sewing the blocks to each other into rows and then sewing rows together.   Before she does this, however, she had to fix many blocks in her rows.  She rushed through and didn't match up seams as she should have and they looked pretty sloppy.  I told her had to fix them and that's when she started to procrastinate.  Today she came for the morning, and I worked with her to fix her big mistakes.

Partly my mistake, she was doing so well with her blocks I didn't think she needed me to watch her rows.  I was working on my own quilt and really thought she had it under control.  I should have been more aware of what she was doing before there were so many sloppy blocks.

We are both going to live and learn from that experience.

Anyway, once we started unsewing and fixing, she became more excited again, and now is looking forward to finishing.

Our hopes are to finish next weekend, including the borders.

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