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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Can I be doing too much

For the past 2 weeks, this week being the worst.  My left thumb is throbbing.  Feels like "carpel tunnel" not that I've ever had it before, but by the description from those that have this impairment, def feels like I now have it.  I have been pushing myself to prepare for the upcoming quilt show, and doing customized quilts for others. 

Perhaps, without knowing it, I have been putting too much pressure on my left hand.  I really don't think I had done this, but cant think of any other reason I should be having such pain.

Last night I had to push through the pain and hand sew the binding on 2 table runners, needed for my booth at the show.  Still working on place mats and more runners.  My goal is to do as many as possible for sale by Saturday.

 Used Green sashing and binding on these 2 runners.

This morning I sewed, but have not yet quilted 4 place mats.

Because of the throbbing in thumb, thought maybe today, give it a rest.

So, went for breakfast with friends.  Came home, made beef stew to simmer on stove. Watched the Packers lose again, and made an apple pie. 

Hopefully tomorrow, my hand will be rested enough to get more quilting done.  Even if it isn't, I am still going to be quilting.  I still have the large t-shirt quilt to complete and get mailed back to Ft Wayne.

Wayne is upset with me, as he puts it, "don't know when to quit".  He is right, I am pretty stubborn when it comes to finishing what I start.  Not sure if this is a good trait to have or not, but I have always been that way.  Drives me crazy when I have unfinished projects.  And even when I'm finished, I think of something else to work on and start the process all over again.

 Like I said I'm an addict, and probably need help.

That darn pink bunny has nothing over me. I just keep going and going and going.  But you know, I am happier when I'm busy.  So whats a little pain. :)  Besides a person can rest when they're dead, I plan on doing all I can every day.

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