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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Stretched Thin

Today I am feeling anxious and stretched too thin.  Only one more week before the quilt show and I have many things to do before I am completely ready.   All the display quilts are ready, and I put the pocket on my show quilt yesterday.  However, I am now working on as many table runners and place mats as I can possibly make before the show.

Up at the crack of dawn and down to the sewing room, where I put together 2 table runners and they are now on the long arm, and 1/3 finished.  

Bless Wayne's little heart, he made breakfast again and called me up from sewing room.  So I'm taking a break and catching up on emails, and blogging.  Then its time to get dressed, back to sewing room, break at 1pm.  Taking my show quilt to the drop off location where a group of the quilt committee is accepting the quilts and getting them ready for the show.

After leaving drop off, must run to Janesville pick up batting for a t-shirt quilt sent to me by friend form Ft Wayne IN. 

Sometime soon, I have to pay attention to my house again.  It needs another vacuuming.  Wayne was supposed to do this yesterday, but he got busy with his own thing and forgot.  Dang it, I knew I he would forget while I was gone with the girls yesterday. 

Took all the lumberjacks out for fish fry last night.  All had a good time and good meal. 

Well, break is over back to work.

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