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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kelli's Tshirt Quilt

Took some photos of the quilt, didn't open all the way up just did a few quick pics

The quilt is quite large 92x95 and weighs a ton, it seems. So I only took a few photos of it before boxing up for customer.  Used a very large meandering as this seems to be the best stitch on tshirts.  This quilt was difficult to stitch as some of the tshirts really wanted to pucker more than usual.  I had to be especially careful and guide the material to prevent puckers. 

Today I started to load another quilt, got the backing on and when I was ready for the batting, discovered customers batting had a large dirt spot. Like some one had dragged across the floor.  So I had to hand wash the dirty spot and now waiting for it to dry before I can finish loading the quilt on the quilter.  This will be the first project tomorrow morning.  I won't be exercising the rest of week, too much to do before Saturday.

Met with new customer this morning (after I finished cleaning).   Small world, she knows our daughter Stacy.

Looking forward to working with her, we spent quite some time together talking quilts of course, and other people we both know.

Hopefully, will get both quilts done by Friday and get everything else ready for Saturday.

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