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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Let The Fun Begin

Finished the tshirt quilt, haven't take pic of it yet.  Worked until 8pm tonight and just not up to laying out and photographing it.

Received a call from potential new customer this afternoon.  She is bringing a quilt to me tomorrow and has plans on having 11, yes Eleven done by Christmas.  So tomorrow, not going to exercise class, must clean the sewing room and make it look pretty for her.  Right now it looks like a tornado went through.  I have material laying all over my cutting board from the table runners I'm working on, threads all over the floor, quilts in plastic bags under my quilter, these will be taken to the quilt show and need to be stacked neatly someplace. There is even pieces of material on the ironing board, binding for another table runner. In other words, WHAT A MESS.  I usually clean up after myself as soon as finished with project, but this week has been so hectic, just been working with and around the mess.  I really don't like working in a mess but because of time issue I've had to endure just to keep up with all that needs to be done.

Wayne was nice enough to cook supper for us tonight, as he knew I was trying to finish the quilt before the evening was over.  He really is a good guy.  Need to tell him this more often.  Note to self, appreciate your hubby more and give him big hug and kisses.

Going to have a dish of ice cream and relax for a little while before bed.

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