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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Awe Cute

Customer baby quilt:  Nursery Rhymes, so cute:

Customer brought this to me last night she usually quilts her own on her small machine, but in a hurry so asked me to put a rush on it.  I used wiggly lines, scallops around the nursery rhymes, and small stippling around name and birth information squares.

I also quilted a 70 x 85 for friend Nettie, this morning, but have not taken pic, yet.    Will be machine sewing the binding on for her tomorrow morning.  Nettie doesn't do her own bindings, because see is my bff and has given me so much business, I do them for her.

I am getting excited and anxious for tomorrow night.  This is the night we go and set up the display for Saturday quilt show.  I'm as ready as I'm every going to be. 

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