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Friday, October 15, 2010

Road Trip

Went on road trip today with my BFF Nettie and sister-in-law Dee Dee.  Stopped in Rio to visit with baby Lexi. 

She still loves her gma, had smiles for gma and settled right into my arms.  So precious.  Nettie and Dee Dee enjoyed holding and cooing to her.

Then off we go on a mission.  Went to Waunakee to Mill House Quilt Shop.  I got so excited when I saw Asian/Oriental fabrics.  Had to hold back on buying anything. I could have come out of there with yards and yards of gorgeous material.  Looking to make a quilt for Toby's (son) girlfriend Sarah.  She is going to be decorating bedroom, and thinking of using Oriental fabs for bed quilt.  I couldnt contain myself when I saw the broad selection in this shop had to call Sarah  to tell her all about them, now she is all excited.  Cant wait to take her up there to see what materials she picks out.

I pulled into my driveway and UPS driver came in right behind me.  Brought me a quilt to be quilted from my friend in Ft Wayne IN.  Its a biggy 92x95. 

Last night went to Friendship Stars Quilt Guild meeting, and had a great time.  So many beautiful quilts were brought in for show and tell.  I didn't bring one this meeting but I will the next.  After leaving the guild meeting, I was inspired to make more quilts.  Like I need another one, but once you see  other peoples quilts you want to make more.  Its addictive.  Some day I might have to join a group like AA for quilters.

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