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Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

Finally got enough energy to put up the Christmas tree this morning.  I woke at 4am and full of energy. 

So proceeded to wrap presents, set out the house decorations, set up and decorated tree.

I have no idea why it hit me at 4am, but glad it did.  I put in a full day, did the decorating, ran the vacuum, wiped the kitchen and dining room floors all by 11 this morning. 

Rested for a few hours and went to sewing room.  I was going to load a new quilt onto the quilt table, but unfortunately, the lady brought me a backing that was 10 inches too short for her quilt.

 Good news though, Vicki came and picked up her 2 and brought me another to do, so I did manage to get that loaded and ready for the quilting.  Have decided to wait until tomorrow morning for this.  No reason to hurry and do today, I think I did enough for one day don't you.

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