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Monday, July 2, 2012


After 10 loads of mulch I can say the mound is FINISHED - just need to maintain for this year.  I hope you aren't too tired of hearing about my yard work.  If so stop reading and wait for the next post and hopefully more to your liking.

Or my pictures

But to be honest I have such a feeling of accomplishment when I finally get one of these many beds looking like it should instead of knee deep weeds and some flower trying to survive.

Im not so sure my neighbors like me so much today. 

I started at 6am this morning - cranked up the lawn mower and headed for the mulch pile. Loaded 3 loads before 8am and finished laying it down by 9:30.  

Need to get all the outside fun in the sun done before the temps become unbearable.

You have seen before pictures, during pictures and now these are finished.

Dont you just love the color 

view from top of mound looking down into pond

 Not the mound but the flower bed just to the right of the mound 

These are not on the mound but under the apple tree - this area I cleared a few weeks back but wanted to take a picture of these - so pretty - This bed is cleared and only maintenance needed.  I spent a few minutes today cleaning up some weeds that pop through.  Now if I get everything cleared the way it should be I could spend only an hour or so a day and just stop and pick to keep it neat and tidy.

Help  I dont know the name of this plant

Now I need your help - does anyone know the name of these plants/flowers. They surround the large pine tree in front yard and even Diane doesn't know their name.  Right now they are in need of watering again.  A job for tonight after it cools down a little.

Ahhhh Im seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  NOT - there is more to do but such an improvement from March to now. Even I cant believe I have gotten this much done this year.

I'm so glad I started working the yard in March.  I was told several times I was rushing it, but because of the strange weather we have had I needed all that time and more as the temps are getting too high to work outside very long.

I have a plan each day as to what I will be working on.  I cant imagine just sitting in front of the TV and spending my day doing nothing but that.

Also so excited about getting my Buggy Barn Challenge quilt half sewn.    2 more rows and it will be ready for the quilting.

That concludes the yard tour for another day.

Note:  just to keep you updated on the animal parade. While doing dishes at 5am this morning (too pooped last night to do them)  I watched a deer feeding on the apples laying on the ground.   I didn't even want to chase it away. It wasn't hurting anything and if he/she wants to clean them up I'm fine with that.

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Anonymous said...

Your garden looks wonderful! All the hard work has definitely paid off. By the way, that plant is called gooseneck loosestrife.