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Thursday, March 22, 2012


Wisconsin  March 22nd 2012.  This cant be for real

Please Please Please don't burst my happy bubble.  Everybody I talk to says this cant last and we will get hit with a cold snap.  If we do all the beautiful flowers and blooms will die, including the flowers that have now idea its March.

There are so many flowers coming up around here, everywhere I look and dig and weed more are arriving.  They shouldn't be showing there little sprouts until mid  April or May. Apple trees are budding, and I don't even know the names of some of the flowers coming up.

Peonies are popping up like crazy, of course the daffodils are in bloom and crocus are almost done, didn't even get a picture of them. More are coming I think.

This has got to be the most unusual March EVER!.  A warm day here and there yes, but consistent temps in 70  - 80's no way.  Next week dropping to the upper 60's.  I can handle that.

Planning a golf day next week. Can you believe it?

Oh Happy Spring!

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Tracy Johnson said...

Yes, we had an extremely short Winter this year. My DH keep repeating, 'Oh, we are in for a late deep cold snap yet.' Today, he finally relented and said that he is finally convinced the warmer weather is here till next year. I just pray that it stays in the 80's for another month or two, I am not looking forward to the triple digits.