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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Some Days Are Just PERFECT

Early morning finished a customer quilt - Church group quilt the second horse quilt

Gus came for a short visit while his sister went for breakfast with Sarah.

Then it was our day together.

I took Ky with me to sew day with the girls in Milton, and she told me she really enjoyed being there with us old ladies.

She would be happy to come again, Really?

We loved having her there

 She tried her best to keep from having her picture taken but that didn't work.  Not when I'm determined.  So no getting away from gma and her camera

She worked on a quilt for the upcoming quilt shows, and I made a fabric book for Gus.  YES I actually finished something at sew day

One of the women (Candy)  was working on a beautiful "wedding quilt" - loved the colors and the block

After sewing we proceeded to head to the Cone Zone - for a cone.  Warning the medium is way big - LOL but we managed to get it eaten before melting.

Headed to Beloit to purchase some much needed thread for my Long Arm.

Returning home - digging up some plants to transplant at Sarah's

Toby called and invited me for supper - oh yes - Love eating at their house.  He is such a great cook.

Sarah was playing with Gus's curls and pulling up his hair till it was standing way tall.

He really cant be bothered when watching Micky Mouse Clubhouse.

That is until its time to eat sweet corn

He really is very vocal when eating corn.  Mmm mmm mmm mmm each bite.

Like I said some days are just perfect

Added note:  I told the kids that Wayne is hanging around and I'm OK with that.  For past week, while working outside I smell his "stinky" cigarettes.  And, occasionally in the house. I actually turned around the first time to see who was smoking near me.  His cigarettes were those cheap cigar, cigarettes and were the stinkiest cigs ever.  Sarah looked at me and Toby and then told me that Gpa has been watching over Gus - at the top of the stairs outside Gus room she has been smelling those stinky cigarettes for past 3 months.

Its nice to know he is watching over us.

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