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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Not Your Average Baby Quilt

I had a request to make a baby quilt - one that the baby can grow into 

No problem, right?

Unless the fabric requested is totally not what you would think you would use for a baby boy.

But given the challenge I went to work, first ordering the fabric on line because this fabric you wont find in most quilt shops.

Waited a good week and the fabric arrived.  Oh  this wont do at all -  too stiff, in fact it felt like plastic - something that would not be very comforting for a baby, or even an adult for that matter.

Returned fabric and reordered again on line this time taking into consideration it has to be soft for a baby.

What is all the fuss - well here is the request by the customer - it has to be Orange Camouflage fabric.

Are you kidding me ?    Nope that's what he wants for his grandson.

OK if that's what you want.

I purchased Minky fabric.  If you aren't familiar with minky, its a very soft low loft furry fabric.

This fabric cant be cut into tiny pieces and re sewn as in a lot of piece quilts.  The best solution to cut squares and add flannel sashing.

Here is the quilt that came of all of this.  Mind you the pictures really don't do it justice.  Because, with all my doubts, it turned out quite cute and oh so very very soft.  I even used the minky for backing.


close up


I quilted using a very large meandering.

Minky is quite stretchy and I had to be careful not to pull or move the fabric too much to avoid puckers 

I have quilted with minky before and have learned to go very very slowly while quilting.

Although it is so simple squares and sashing it took a while to sew - I had to pin pin pin to keep squares from stretching.

50x60 will allow the little guy to have his blankie for a long time

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