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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another Baby Quilt

Again with the leftovers, excess material.  I still have enough chenille to do another one.  When I went shopping for chenille, I was recovering from my colon surgery.  Apparently didn't know up from down, because I bought enough material to do 4 quilts instead of one. Jeepers! Oh well, it will get used eventually.

Anyway, here is the baby quilt, butterflies, pinks and chenille. 46x62 crib quilt.

Stitch pattern I used stencil,   stars and man in the moon.  Border small petals.

I did not use a standard pattern, made one up.  Using only 2 different pink materials and the chenille.

After finishing this, I now have enough material from the backing left over to add to my excess stash, go figure.  At this rate, I will be doing baby quilts until next summer.  The only problem with that is, I don't have any more babies to quilt for.  Maybe the new little one, will get another quilt.  She will need a crib size eventually.


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