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Monday, June 7, 2010


Today has been a very busy day.  First trip to chiropractor, then a visit with my sister in law Alice, who is also a quilter, so I had to find out what she had been working on.  She has beautiful quilt in the works, and I will be doing the quilting when she finishes the sewing part of this quilt.  I will of course, take photos and post, but it will be a while yet before I get to quilt it.  I also managed to hang my wall hanging, looks good.

Went out to the back yard to supervise where Wayne is digging up a patch for flower garden.  Bill and Donna gave us transplants, rose bush, siberian iris, and day lilies.  So now that we have them he has to plant them.

I also managed to load the backing and batting of a new quilt I have been working on.  Will load the quilt top tomorrow as time is running out for today.

While we were gone, it rained quite a bit down here, so checking on my existing flowers found they have been beaten down from the rain, but I'm sure they will bounce back as soon as we get some sun and a few days of dry weather.  Around Antigo, White Lake, they have been praying for rain, been in a drought for 8  years, so they were really happy with all the rain we brought with us this past weekend.  Donna said she is going to take up a collection with the neighbors for us to come more often, if it means we can bring rain their way.

I finished the bracelet that Donna showed me how to make.  This is nowhere near the quality of work she does, but I'm happy with it.  The technique in doing this bracelet is really neat.  As I mentioned before Donna is a fiber artist, and teaches fiber art, this bracelet technique is just one of her many classes she teaches.

Tomorrow is going to be a quilt day (I hope) unless something else takes up my time. 

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