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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Emma turned 7

Went to our granddaughter birthday party yesterday.  They held it at a gymnastics gym and what a great time the kids had.  At least 20 running around jumping, swinging and tumbling.

Birthday girl Emma

Baby sister Lexi

Big sister Brooklynn

Cousin Kylee

Brother Luke

Emma is taking gymnastics lessons and here she is trying one of her moves.

She is one little girl packed full of energy and this is a great outlet for her.

We had a nice visit with our son Ken and his in laws, they are very nice people and I always enjoy seeing and talking with them. 

Its a shame we don't see enough of these 4 grand kids. We love them so much and I miss seeing them. They live in Rio and even though its only an hour away, there just doesn't seem to be enough time to drive up and see them, nor do they make the drive down to see us. Now with the price of gas, who knows when we will see them again.  It seems the only time we get together is for birthdays or holidays, which means about 6 times a year. What a shame. 

Emma has lost 3 teeth and losing a 4th and her baby sister Lexie has gotten 4 teeth.  

Hopefully will see them all again, real soon.  At least I should be able to see them here for the wedding June 11th.

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