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Friday, May 13, 2011

Im Ready

Don't you just love it when everything comes together as planned. 

I have spent all week preparing, finishing sewing and organizing for the show.  Just finished getting ready for quilt show tomorrow.

I took my entry down yesterday:   Stepping Stones.    Really hoping to get a ribbon from this one.  Don't expect it, but it would be nice if I did.

This morning finished the tote/bags I am taking for sale only (4) but one I filled with quilting supplies to show how could be used if going to a retreat or sew day.  Even I was surprised at how much you can get in this little bag. Even room for more stuff if I had more to put in.  There are rulers, scissors, rotary cutter, pins, 20 fat quarters material, measuring tapes, paper tablet, pattern, clipboard, ( which you don't need for quilting but will need for my booth) and I've forgotten what else.  I think you could actually use one of these as an overnight bag for traveling, and it would make a wonderful baby bag for diapers, bottles etc.  I know for sure, if they don't all sell, I'm keeping one for me.  My favorite it the last one in the picture.

Most of the quilts are bagged, just a few wall hangings to bag.
Finished printing all the patterns I plan on taking with me.  The clear bags came just in the nick of time.

Had to run to Office Max to pick up ink for my printer, ran out yesterday printing patterns. 

Now if the weather would cooperate.  Been wanting rain all week for my flowers, and it poured just a little bit ago, but I really don't want to load and unload the truck in the rain, so lets hope it holds off the rest of the night until we have everything inside at the vending building.

Dee Dee and Dick are going with us tonight to help set up, then its off for a Friday night Fish Fry supper.  No time to cook, awe.

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