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Monday, May 23, 2011

I Love Spring Flowers

This is another one of Vicki's.  I just love the colors she puts together in her quilts


The colors aren't perfect in my photos, the blues are lighter and the (gold) is actually yellow.  So Pretty.

Just for fun I counted from my photos all the quilts I have done so far.  As to date 97 and will hit 100 by the end of this week.  I know there are a couple I forgot to take pictures of.  Not bad for someone that just started in 2009.  Wish I had been smart enough to take pictures of all the quilts I made prior to getting my own long arm machine.  I tried thinking back over the years and keep losing count but I do know for sure the number is well over 40 of my own.   WHERE ARE THEY NOW??????   I have 10 here and the rest have all gone to family and friends.    I do know Stacy ( the big quilt hogger has more than enough) but if she wanted another one I would do it. Bert has one that I think Stacy has stolen from him.  Kylee has quite a few, Ken and Deena have 3 or 4, Brooklynn and Emma have 2 each and Luke has 1, Lexi (baby girl) 1.  Toby I think has 2 and my soon to be daughter in law Sarah has 2.  Then there is my bff Nettie, and our friends Lenny and Mary, my neighbor was given one the first year I started. Oh I know I am forgetting more.  Oh yes Bill and Donna have 2, nephew Johnny has a baby quilt for his new baby last year. And the list goes on. Sister in law Dixie Jo.  Debbie if you read this, I'm gonna do one for ya honey I promise.

Nothing I love more than making a quilt and giving it to someone who appreciates it.

I am sending a big Thank You to all my customers.

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