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Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Should Be Quilting

I know, I know I should be quilting, but since the shoulder popped out thought I better stick to something simple.

So I finished 4 bags this past couple of days.

2 are for customers and 2 are for who ever wants them.

Its been a good day today.  Arm much better thank goodness.  Up early finished the red bag.

Luncheon today with girls I graduated with, fun time.  Its great seeing the girls every so often.  We try to get together at least once a month or every other month.

Now as you know, most of my days are pretty routine. Sew, clean and more sewing. Pretty standard, not much going on. Hardly ever get company, but because I had a luncheon to go to, 2 quilt customers came this morning and dropped off 3 quilts.  Whoo, hoo, made my day, except for the fact I was literally just out of shower and not dressed (not a pretty sight believe me) when first customer arrived with 2 quilt tops. Threw on some clothes and met her in sewing room.  The second called me as I was brushing teeth, so answer phone with mouth full of toothpaste. She was coming from Ft. so I said I would wait for her.  Gees, I was just trying to get ready to leave.  

Daughter Stacy came by with my mothers day present all of this before 11am.  She made me a mosaic flower pot, beautiful.

Then off to the luncheon.

Wanna bet I don't see another living soul for the next few days.

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