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Sunday, May 29, 2011

This Is A Good Day

Up early and finished quilting Dee Dee's Birds and Birdhouses quilt she designed using the stack slice and shuffle technique.

Best part of today however is spending it with my granddaughter Kylee.  She came to spend the day with grandma, and so far we ate pizza, went to visit my other granddaughter Brittany and her son, my great grandson Tavyn in their new apartment. Looking Good Britt.

Now that we are home Kylee and I are baking a chocolate cherry cake.


We had a fight as to who got to lick the bowl, spoon and beaters.  Hehehehe, We both won.

Its nice spending the afternoon with my Ky Ky.  

Cake is done, waiting for it to cool and then frost with a cooked choc chip frosting. 

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