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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Not a Good Day

My day started like any other day. Up at 5am to get ready to go to exercise class.  Took shower, and while drying off, my shoulder actually made a POP and pain went through me.

What the heck was that.  Am I getting so old that my bones just crack on their own.

All's I know for sure is I cant use my right arm for much of anything.  Which means no sewing and no quilting.

I managed to get dressed, but that was painful too.  Did show up at exercise but couldn't participate in class, so I just rode the bike.  Don't need my arm for that.

Tried doing a little machine sewing this afternoon, but couldn't even iron the seams so I gave up and decided to rest it and took a nap.

Hate days like this, I have so much to do but unable to do anything if it requires the use of my right arm.

The only good thing that has come from this, Wayne has to help carry dirty laundry downstairs if he wants clean clothes.

We have our first official new guild meeting tonight. By the end of meeting we should have our new name and hopefully a location for our future meetings.

Unfortunately no new pics of anything as I didn't do anything, so I will share with you  pics I took of my great grandson Tavyn taken here Sunday

Spider Man look

Really mean look
He is such a little ham.

Margie did pick up the quilt the other day and she was OK with the way the quilt turned out. Most of the quilt looked great, just the very bottom that looks so sad.  She understood all I did to fix it and she was happy it turned out as well as it did.


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