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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Edgerton Raffle Quilt 2011

I keep forgetting to ask people the name of the block or pattern used.  I know I have seen this block before, but for the life of me cant remember what it is called.  Very old fashioned looking and fabrics are 30's reproduction.  I just love this one.  When I have more time, I will look it up and see what it is called, or I could just try to remember to ask Jane when she picks it up.

I was told the gal that sewed all the blocks together  had never made a quilt before.   She did a fantastic job.

One of our quilt committee gals had made the blocks and donated them for this years raffle quilt.

Two days and 4 different stitch patterns in this quilt to give it that very special look.

After finishing this quilt I then moved on to making another bag(tote) for a customer.

What pretty spring colors she chose.

Yesterday Wayne and I and our daughter Stacy went to Kopke greenhouse and purchased flowers for the flower garden we are putting in for the wedding, and more flowers for my pots out front of the house.  Spent hours and hours and hours planting, rota tilling raking and more planting, but I think its going to be worth it.  Will get pics as soon as garden fills in a little more.  Also we have to or should I say Wayne has to put together the beautiful trellis we purchased for the flower garden.

Today going to Emma's (granddaughter) birthday party.  Have to be in Pardeville by 1pm, so I better get off this computer, make the beds, do the dishes, wrap the present and get showered and ready to go.


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