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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Having A Great Day So Far

Went to exercise class this morning, where we worked on stretching exercises.  Boy did I need that.

This morning while doing Ugh dishes, I got a catch in my hips and went all the way down both legs, I thought I was going to collapse before getting to a chair.  I HATE GETTING OLD, wouldn't mind it so much if it didn't hurt so much.  Once I got the feeling back in my legs finished dishes, showered and went to exercise, and it really helped to get the catches, and kinks outta the old body.

Off to coffee with the girls and then home, where I finished another quilt for Vicki.  I love working on her quilts, she always chooses great colors and patterns and she puts her quilts together so beautifully.   She is in Europe for 2 week vacation, should be home next week.  Have another one of hers to do before end of this week.

Bright Spring Colors:

Stitched with loops and stars for a free flowing design.

Now going to have lunch, then off to grocery store and few other errands.

For whatever reason I am in the bestest ever mood today.

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