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Friday, May 20, 2011

Oh Gross

Dog, Belle, woke me this morning around 4 am, she had gotten sick and I had to clean up 2 Hugh piles of yuck.

She had not been feeling well for about 2 weeks.  She was scheduled for a wellness checkup next week, but I managed to get her an appointment today.

$337 later, she is OK, and has an upset stomach. YOU THINK? So a couple of shots for this and that and her regular shots and blood work and I am broke, but she is one of our kids so ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

Now I have to buy her Yogurt of all things, doc said its best thing for their digestive system.

Tomorrow I am doing the workshop at Loose Threads for my patterns.

No time to work on any quilting today.  Went to exercise class this morning and on Fridays we do Puloxing.  What a work out.  Came home and cleaned house, thought better get this done instead of quilting.  Why did I think that was more important than my quilting, I don't know, but I did it.  Wayne and I off to Menard's, which I believe by now I must own stock in this company, to pick up landscape bricks, and lattice for more yard improvements.

You know ya gotta love a guy that loves doing yard work and home improvement.  I just had to tell him today how much I appreciate him and all the hard work he does around here.

Since the day we got married, I have never seen a young man and now older gentleman who was so obsessed with have a good looking yard.

But I am so glad he is this way.

Pictures are from my upper deck of back yard.  Will get better pics as the flowers start to fill in.

Fire Pit Patio, looks like a quilt pattern huh?

Flower garden center and to the left hanging tomato buckets which he had me plant flowers on top to make them pretty

Small patch waiting for grass to grow this is where we had a swing set for the grandchildren

vegetable garden he planted last night

self explanatory

between the trees he made a shade garden of ferns and hastas
 And he is not finished yet.  Still has to put landscape bricks around his shade garden, and lattice  covering the space between upper deck and yard, oh and more lattice around his vegetable garden to make that look pretty.  Then he has to power wash both decks upper and lower and stain, all of this has to be done by Wedding June 11th.

You would never know this man has a heart condition would you?

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