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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Making Progress One Day At A Time

Cute bed runner for customer and Friend Linda

Neighbor down the street called (her name is Linda too) asked if I had time to do a small quilt for her.

No problem bring it over -

60x42 - no problem getting this cutie done today

Still have a couple of other customer quilts to do - and another one coming in next week.  

You can tell its almost Christmas, everyone is getting their last minute sewing done - me included.

Not complaining at all - all of this sewing and quilting helps make the days go faster, but sometimes it seems like the days are just rushing by.

Don't you just wish sometimes you had your camera in your hands 24/7 - that happened to me today

While taking a break I look out my kitchen window and see a red fox passing through the yard.  So pretty against the snow. I watched until he was out of sight.

Been seeing deer in the backyard daily - 2 doe and a buck - I'm sure deer hunters would love to live where I do.  No way do I want anyone shooting my deer.  I enjoy seeing them and wonder where they are when they don't come to visit me.

Always brightens my day when they stop and eat the fallen apples in my backyard.

When I see them I think of Wayne, he enjoyed watching them too.   For many years he would go deer hunting, but after a while, he just didn't enjoy killing them, and I was happy.  

When we moved here, and would see them so often he would look forward to their visit too except when they wanted to feast on his garden.

A high fence surrounding the garden and everyone was happy, the deer with their apples and us watching them.

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