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Sunday, September 9, 2012

With Tears In My Eyes

For the past 2 days Kylee has been working her little sweet butt off.  Doing all she can to make some really nice things for the upcoming baby shower party.

She is planning on a scavenger hunt to be played by all the kids that will be coming to the party.

After the scavenger hunt, the found items will be given to Sarah for the new baby.


All her Ideas not mine:   Burp cloths, changing mats and baby bibs.

I have never seen such a thoughtful and giving little girl as Kylee is.  She does everything she can to please everyone else.

As a grandma I can only say I wish others could appreciate this little girl the way she should be appreciated.

When she hurts I hurt, and today she was very hurt and brought to tears, which then brings me to tears.

I wont go into details as it is personal for her.  But I will say some people don't have a clue how special this little girl is, and should be treated that way.

She would never intentionally hurt anyone, especially not their feelings, but for adults its OK to hurt her feelings deeply.  How unfair!!!!!!! To be so young and unable to say how you really feel about some things.

Sorry this post has been on the down side.  There are just some days its good to write down what bothers me, so I don't do what I really want to do.

On the brighter side of today, I did get a customer quilt done.

Here is Kylee sewing on the binding of her quilt

Yesterday I finished the "fall" bag

And in addition to all the downside, the Packers are losing their first game of the season.

I think Im going to bed early tonight - I need to put this day behind me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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