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Saturday, August 7, 2010


Managed to complete the Sunflower quilt, even though I was having problems with encoder that controls the front to back stitches.

This is just a small lap quilt, but very bright and colorful.  Especially liked the stripped border.  This really made the quilt.

This customer prefers only meandering in most of her quilts, and so this  was done as requested.  However, to spice it up I let her choose her thread, and she chose a variegated which really added to the finished quilt.

Today, Nettie and I went to "Quilts In The Park"  I was told about this event by one of my customers, but she neglected to tell me where it was.  Last year it was in the park in Milton, and I assumed it was there again this year.  Wrong.  Went to park and found it was empty of any quilts.  After calling local quilt store, "Loose Threads" was informed this year it is being held in Ft Atkinson, at Jones park.

So off we travel to Ft, only 10 miles from Milton and we found the event.

This a small event with a few local quilt shops setting up booths and displays of quilts and kits.

We found the most striking quilt, and purchased the kit.  I bought 2, one for me and one for Nettie for her birthday present.  Each year we give each other a present on BD, and this year I have looked high and low for something that I know she would love.  I spotted this quilt from across the park and was drawn to it.  She saw the quilt hanging on display and fell for it.  So I grab the kit from her hands and told her this was going to be her BD present for this year.

We are always doing this to each other, basically taking each other shopping until we find what we like and then buy it for the other.  Works well, no guess work and everybody likes their present. 

Now of course, I have to make the quilt and quilt it for her before her birthday in October.

So I now have my next project(s).  The other kit, not sure if keeping for me or giving to my daughter or grand daughter. They would both love this quilt.  Wait until I post it.  It is beautiful and unusual. Never saw anything like this before.

After the trip to the park, we stopped at Loose Threads and again she found material, no pattern that she liked, so we basically decided how she wanted to make the quilt, and she purchased the material.

She has carpel tunnel and can not do any of her own cutting, so I do it for her and then she can sew the pieces together.  Which means I know have 3 quilts to cut. 

I will probably start the cutting of the 1st quilt next week, when carpet layers are working upstairs, I can be down in my sewing room working.

Looks Like A Busy Week Next Week., in addition to working out again in the mornings

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