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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Buggy Barn Quilt

Last night went to Loose Threads Quilt Shop and joined a group called Barn Chicks.

This group gets together only once every 3 months.  Picks a pattern from Buggy Barn patterns.  Each member does a wall hanging or any size quilt they want and brings to the next meeting.  Also, does a a show and tell of other projects working on or completed. 

I have not been involved in any classes or groups for a while thought this would be fun.  I am not one to join groups where you have to meet each week, I like the freedom of once every 3 months. 

Was also advised there is a new guild starting in Milton, breaking away from the Janesville Rock Valley Quilt Guild.  I think I will go to the first meeting and see what this is all about.

Been sitting in my own little world/house for too long, need to get out and socialize again.  After all the junk went through last year, so ready to meet and greet new people.

Been going to gym everyday and working out with a bunch of girls.  These work outs are really helping me in flexibility.  Much needed exercise is going to be good for me.  Also, more socializing.  Most of the girls in the class go for coffee after workouts.   Plan on going for the coffee clutch only a few times a week.  After working out, I am energized and manage to get more done when I get home if I come straight home.  If I stop for the coffee, not as energized and tend to waste away the morning.  They are a great bunch of gals, and enjoy talking with them.  We all have so many different interests, and yet so much in common.

Tin Lizzie has a new carriage and encoders as of last night.  Greg repair man came and fixed me up again, so ready to get quilting again.  Will have to wait until next week after finish the flooring.

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