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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Carpet and tile done 

Really luv the new carpet, didn't realize how much the color matched the dog.  Like my brother said, its important to have your carpet match the hairs on your dog, less noticeable.   Installers did a great job and so helpful moving the furniture and especially moving my machine.

Started sewing right after work out this morning.  Feels good being back in my sewing room.  I am working on the most awesome quilt.  The most vibrant colors you will ever see all in one quilt.  Went to quilt store today to buy the backing.  Going to JoAnns's tomorrow for the batting, and should be able to get quilted before end of week or early weekend.

I have two of the same quilts to do, one for my bff Nettie for her birthday and the other for me.  I think I might sell this one on Etsy.  Have ordered more material to do yet another.

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