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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Duplicate Day Dreams

Finished the quilt top of 2nd Day Dreams.  Getting ready to quilt it.

I have listed the quilt on and listed the t-shirt quilt for demo, trying to get orders to do more of these quilts.  Never ever used Etsy before, so should be interesting as to how well it goes.  I am not familiar with Pay Pal, so for now not using them as payment plan.  I will be checking it out, as I see everyone uses them.  It will take me time to peruse pay pal before I feel comfortable in signing up.  Perhaps will call my sister-in-law Donna "Two Red Threads", I know she uses them.

No work out class for me today.    Got all ready to go and find out Wayne has parked the Explorer (he is selling this vehicle) in front of garage door and by the time I find where he put the key, already running late.  Then the car wouldn't start.  So just gave up and decided no work out for me.  He was sleeping and as a good wife didn't want to wake him, so thought no problem, move the car out of my way and off I go.  NOT

MEN, always ready to find a problem with others.  When he finally awoke, asked why I didn't go workout and explained the reason.  Of course, first thing out of his mouth, "what did you screw up with the car"  Duh, open car door, insert key, turn key to start car. Nothing, so of course must be MY FAULT.  He goes out to see what the dummy did to his car.  Oops, ground wire loose on car.  Do I get an apology for not screwing up the car. Of Course Not. 

I think I will go to sewing room and see what trouble I can get into there. For real, I am going through some stash and see what I can come up with and put on Etsy.  I have enough quilts for myself, and no plans on making any for family members, so why not try selling some. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Pic, quilt I did last year for one of my customers.


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