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Saturday, August 28, 2010

All Is Well

Took the Day Dreams quilt to work out class yesterday, and it was well received.  Everyone loved it, just as I thought.

After work out class went to Tin Lizzie dealer with all my test quilting to show Pat the problems I have been having.  She made some suggestions, one of which, change out tension components with the bobbin rewind tension components.  She felt, because I use my machine so often, I might be actually wearing out some of the tension wheels.  I did the change out this morning, and actually has made improvements on stitches, so will order new tension wheels.

This means I will be spending the rest of today in my sewing room, finishing the T-Shirt quilt and possibly finishing the quilt top of the second Day Dreams quilt.  Now that everything is running smoothly with the TL want to get as much done as possibly.

So its off to my sewing room for rest of today.

Don't know if you have seen this one before, so thought I would post pics of one of the quilts I did for daughter Stacy..

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